Quick Write/Type with Technology

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A quick write allows students to brainstorm everything that comes to their minds about a particular topic or question. There are no writing rules on grammar or spelling. The only rule is that students continuously write for the allotted amount of time.

Literacy Strategy Description: Quick Write

Great pre-, during and post reading strategy to help students activate prior knowledge, make connections, reflect, encourage critical thinking, organize ideas, increase background knowledge, etc.  This is a 2-10 minute process which asks the students to write continuously about a topic that relates the reading or coursework.

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Quick Write with Technology: 

Create a small group in Edmodo and have all your students write in a post that could be shared with the entire small group. You could also setup multiple small groups to differentiate instruction. You could create an assignment that students could complete.

Create a Google form that students filled out that would put their answers into a spreadsheet. You could then use FormMule or AutoCrat to create an email or document that could be shared with classmates.

Create a KidBlog for your class for all students to create their own blog. This would be a great tool to evaluate student growth in writing over a given time period.  This also allows you to connect with other classes around the country and world.  Students can change share settings so that they can keep conversations private with their teacher.

Create a Google document template that students can share with their class and teacher. Create a table that has the columns (date, topic, response).  Then have students give comments and feedback to their peers.

*Thank Erin and Rebecca for helping me on these posts.





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